Didmarton – post match analysis

Had a great time down at Didmarton – played on Friday and it went really well. Tried out a lot of new material and got lots of compliments about the set afterwards too which always gives us a nice warm feeling!

Best act for me was Stompin’ Dave Allen – I have a great image in my head of him playing a banjo between his legs and stomping up and down on one leg- you have to see it to believe it. A great musician, a great choice of songs and stomping too! What more could you want from an act?

We also took some time to get some photos taken at Didmarton with our new bass player, Alex. I’ve put at the top of this page plus the one on our home page. Many thanks to Darrell Rawsthorne – I just put a camera in his hand and told him to take some photos – great work Darrell!