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Second Time Around for the Slowdown Boys!

We had a great time playing at the ‘Second Time Around Club’ in Beeston last week – it was a sell out and the crowd really  enjoyed themselves. The club produced a newsletter with a review of the night, Newsletter March 16, and Eric Kwiatkowski, who was in the audience took the trouble to write this to the organisers (thanks Eric!):

A bit belatedly, but I'm writing to say how much I enjoyed 'The Slowdown Boys' last Friday. This group really has it nailed! Starting off with the rhythm section of guitar, bass, and occasionally 
mandolin, the sound was just right - many a British group don't get the rhythm sound right, and it makes for a somewhat amateurish result. Not so in this case - the rhythm work was a pleasure to hear. 

Great guitar runs from John, yet he didn't get in the way of Alex's bass playing - they complemented each other perfectly. Dave's got the old-time fiddle style perfected, and Julian's banjo playing was always 
tasteful, with the melody always clearly present during his solos. The harmony singing was particularly strong, and with different group members taking over the lead and harmony roles at various times interest for the audience was always kept high.

As a 'flat picker', I naturally homed in on John's work, and I thoroughly enjoyed his tasteful back-up and solo work - very rooted in the Doc Watson sound, and you can't go wrong with that - please book 
them again as soon as possible!


Square Dance at the Sailing Club

Last weekend we played a gig as Carsington Sailing Club. Actually it was a square dance rather than gig as we often play with a caller.

It’s like a barn dance – we play a few songs and then the caller ‘calls’ a dance – they entice people onto the dance floor, go through all the moves and then the band plays and the dancers dance. It’s great fun – on Saturday night the dancers must have danced for a couple of hours and didn’t want to stop – the band were exhausted but we really enjoyed ourselves.

What’s really interesting is that it appeals to all ages – it was an eighteenth birthday party and small children, teenagers. their parents and the grand-parents all joined in.

It’s a great way to break the ice at a party and all the callers we use are fantastic at ensuring everyone gets involved – it always get easier as the beer flows though!

Didmarton – post match analysis

Had a great time down at Didmarton – played on Friday and it went really well. Tried out a lot of new material and got lots of compliments about the set afterwards too which always gives us a nice warm feeling!

Best act for me was Stompin’ Dave Allen – I have a great image in my head of him playing a banjo between his legs and stomping up and down on one leg- you have to see it to believe it. A great musician, a great choice of songs and stomping too! What more could you want from an act?

We also took some time to get some photos taken at Didmarton with our new bass player, Alex. I’ve put at the top of this page plus the one on our home page. Many thanks to Darrell Rawsthorne – I just put a camera in his hand and told him to take some photos – great work Darrell!


A New Bass Player

Tim, our long standing double bass player and a founder member of the band, has hung up his bass (big hook!) and retired. Although we shed a tear when Tim left we are very happy to welcome Alex Ashida to the band. No she’s not a boy but we won’t be changing our name – she’s promised to get some trousers! Alex is a fantastic bass player and a great singer. We’ve already done a few gigs with her and (stop listening Tim) it sounds wonderful.